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Hello and welcome to my online home! I’m Amanda Wen, award-winning writer, professional cellist, and Chief Operations Officer of the House of Wen.

I write inspirational split-time women’s fiction, which is a fancy way of saying I write books with multiple timelines featuring strong, resilient women and a God who loves endlessly, who saves unconditionally, and who creates unfathomable beauty from even our most desolate ashes. I come by my love for weaving modern life with historical journeys honestly, thanks to my mother’s passion for discovering our family history. Her research and the stories she’s uncovered about the people and places that make up my heritage inspire and inform my work.

As a lifelong resident of the Midwestern United States, I’ve fallen in love with its endless, clear blue skies, sweeping fields of wheat or sunflowers, spirited thunderstorms, and sunsets that defy description. I’ve also gained a deep admiration of the people who live here in the heartland. Their willingness to extend a helping hand, their hard work and determination in the face of sometimes-overwhelming odds, and their faith in a God who’ll stop at nothing to win His people’s hearts has long been an inspiration to me. It is this spirit and this faith that I hope to capture in my characters.


I hope you’ll grab your favorite beverage, maybe a yummy snack, and hang out with me for a while. I pray you are encouraged and refreshed by your visit!

Soli Deo Gloria